Masterpiece Roses since 1882

- Since four generations we commit ourselves to keep the rose value more and more high -
The good customer service, the top level quality,
the joy of blooming roses are our targets,
trying to do our best for ever and ever.
With a passion born more than one hundred years ago, Barni’s family supplies the best Italian gardens with exclusive roses.
Two are the main aspects of Rose Barni’s activity:
the creation of new varieties and the careful selection of other brand new roses coming from the most famous breeders in the world; the multiplication and trade on a large scale of the wide collection of different rose types.
Rose Barni has become in Italy the point of reference of all rose lovers throughout the world.
An important commitment of Rose Barni is the plants production for the market: the firm applies the most modern techniques for the soil preparation, the planting, the fertilization, the prevention of parasitic attacks, joined to the human intervention for the not mechanized duties, such as the budding.
From producer to the end-consumer without any further steps, this is the Rose Barni’s strength, looking always to keep low their product costs.
The breeding of a new rose variety is a very long and fascinating process, which takes from seven to nine years of observation, test and judgement.
There are several National and International Trials for New Roses, to whom Rose Barni takes part each year, sending its breeding two years before. It is a great honour to have won very important awards, such the Golden Rose of Geneva, the Queen Teodolinda’s Crown of Monza, the Golden Rose of Monaco and many Golden Medals to Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Baden-Baden, Glasgow, Les Roeulx, Belfast, Paris.
Although some of agricultural techniques are strictly linked to the past tradition, each year Rose Barni invests in business improving, buying new machines and getting its facilities better, working together with local partnership, keeping always informed about the cultivation and testing everything concerning the rose world.
The main score for Rose Barni is the guarantee that its Customer will receive always top quality plants.

La Famiglia Barni

- Tradizione nel segno dell'innovazione -
Piero Barni
Piero Barni
Enrico Barni
Enrico Barni
Beatrice Barni
Beatrice Barni
Research and Breeding
Vittorio Barni
Vittorio Barni
Marketing and Business
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