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Rose growers since 1882

The Rose has always been a synonym of charm and beauty, elegance and opulence: we have been committed to increasing the value of this enchanting ornamental plant for five generations, promoting new and unique breedings as well as producing plants with a very high quality level.
The satisfaction with our service, the approval of our products, the customers' happiness when they see our roses in bloom are something for us to be proud of and the motivation that keeps us striving for the best. Please come into our e-shop to find out all our products.

Catalogo Rose barni

The ROSE BARNI catalogue, freely distribuited, easy to consult, full and complete in the varieties list and in the different types of available roses, shows and describes all the production, including Hybrid Teas and Floribundas, English Roses, Miniatures, Shrubs, Ground Cover roses, Standards, Climbers.

It is a great merit of ROSE BARNI  to have kept, together with the Modern Roses, the production of the old varieties which made the history of the Queen of Flowers. Among the very numerous varieties, we selected the more suitable for the climate in our country and the more disease-resistant.

In the chapter dedicated to the old roses and rose species, more than one hundred varieties, shrubs and climbers are listed.

Libro Rose barni

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

An extraordinary photographic tale of rose barni's history, the life of a rose through the search for new varieties, the large scale production in nurseries, the pot growing, the dedication to famous personalities, a collection of spectacular and exciting images taken by an artist photographer, Luca Bracali.

Size: cm 28,5 x 30,5
140 pages - 120 Illustrations
Publisher Mondadori (ed. bilingual Italian/english)

Libro Rose barni

Sublime Rosa

Sublime Rosais a valuable book that every fan of roses should have at home. The book consists of 160 pages with over 160 illustrations, enclosed in a 23.5 x27cm format. What roses are, how they are born and grown, where they come from and lots of other curiosity, it is all dealt with in the book!

Vittorio Barni managed the transformation of the old nursery company into an exclusive producer of roses, reaching international fame. Thanks to the experience he gathered in more than fifty years, he reveals his relationship with the Rosa, seen by the thorns side. Carlo Medici, the specialist of the old roses, is the author of almost all of the beautiful photographs included in the book.

Carlo Medici, the specialist of the old roses, is the author of almost all of the beautiful photographs included in the book.

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